11 Things People Do But Cats Hate

The cats we own make our lives much better, so it hurts to know that some of the things people do our cats hate. But since we can’t talk cat language and they can’t talk ours, it’s inevitable we could do something they would get upset over.

So, if there is something on the following list of 11 things that you’ve done that offended your cat, don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Thankfully most cats are going to get over it and forgive you. However, if you know ahead of time what bothers cats, then you can try to avoid them! Take a look at these eleven items and try to avoid making your cats suffer through them:

11. Not providing our cats with a relaxed and comfy area to go to the bathroom.

Everyone is aware that cats can be quite picky animals. This is true of how they like their litter box area too. The best rule to follow is to provide a litter box for each and every cat you own, and then add at least one more. You also need to clean each litter box every day, plus some cats like their boxes cleaned and scooped out every time they go. If you notice your cat isn’t going to their litter box, and you can’t determine the reason, you may need to make some easy changes to their litter box situation.

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