11 Things People Do But Cats Hate

4. Putting human clothes on them.

Our cats are still wild animals at heart, so it’s not a good idea to dress them up in baby clothing or any type of outfit. Cat’s aren’t meant to wear clothes! It restrains their body and makes them less agile on their feet and agitates them. And cats really hate people laughing at them too!

3. Paying no attention to the need for good grooming

Cats normally do a great job of keeping themselves groomed, but occasionally they may need a little help. Cats don’t usually enjoy a bath or having their nails trimmed, but they also don’t like being scruffy and dirty either. Long haired cats can get all matted and knotted and they could develop ticks or flea problems. However, even if your cat doesn’t like being groomed by us, this is one of these 11 things cats don’t like that we still must do for their own good.

2. Not showing respect for a cat’s space

All cats need a place where they feel secure and can go to if they need to be alone. It can be a certain room, their kennel, a cat tree, or even just a nice cardboard box. Whatever or wherever it is, we need to let our cat have a place to retreat to and feel secure. Your cat doesn’t like being forced to interact with you all the time, and if you insist on bothering them when they want to be alone you are likely to get scratched or bitten.

1. Not providing your cat with sufficient attention

Even taking the previous example into consideration, there are times when your cat will want attention from you. They may seem like they want to be alone all the time, but there are lots of times when they will ask us for attention. Then they want some play time with their favorite people!

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